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Jon Berry
President & Co-founder
Anthony Cassera
Secretary & Treasurer
Doris Aaronson
Douglas Trainor
Robert Rohan

To reach our trustees or to learn more about the organization, please email clean@skyclean.org

Our History

Founded in 1987, Skylands CLEAN, Inc. works in the public interest to promote good government and protect the environment, quality of life, and essential character of the New Jersey Highlands region. We are issue-oriented and non-partisan. We are made up primarily of volunteers without whose support and work our efforts would not be possible.

For a detailed history of our organization, visit our history page by clicking here.

Skylands CLEAN Mission Statement

The mission of Skylands CLEAN has been to protect and preserve the natural environment, water quality, and quality of life in the Highlands Region for present and future generations.


As an organization, Skylands CLEAN strives to promote:

  • The well-being of the people of the Highlands/Skylands region;
  • The preservation of wildlife habitat and open space;
  • Understanding of the relationship between land use and the environment and the laws governing them;
  • Good government.

To encourage:

  • The enjoyment and appropriate educational and recreational use of the natural environment;
  • Community debate and involvement in the development, and implementation, of regulations and public policies which affect land use, the environment, open government and general quality of life.

To educate:

  • About the benefits and responsibilities of living in an environmentally sensitive area;
  • About the environment in general.

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